About Cerakote

Extremely Durable Ceramic Coating

Cerakote is one type of ceramic coating and finish similar to paint and sealant, made by the brand Cerakote. Cerakote provides a strong and sturdy shield against the elements for gun owners on any part they put the coating on. 

At its basic form, Cerakote is a ceramic based finished that is able to be applied to plastics, metals, wood, and polymers. The use of Cerakote gives guns and their parts resistance against abrasion/wear, corrosion, chemicals, and impact. 

Cerakote as a brand is providing industry leading ceramic coatings that can be applied in a plethora of ways. They offer different types of coatings which provide different levels of performance in several categories: corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, thermal stability, UV stability, durability/hardness, ease of use. 

At Zulu Foxtrot we are proud to call ourselves expert Cerakote technicians. Since Cerakote hit the public market, we have spent countless hours mastering the techniques to bring you a superior product. Visit Cerakote’s site for more information and look at our pricing sheet below to get started on customizing and protecting your guns today. 

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