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Walker’s, Razor, Electronic, Black/Pink/ Noisefighter gel pads (10 SPOTS)

This is for the purchased amount of entries into the waffle/raffle with Zulu Foxtrot Guns for the following item at the amount listed for one spot per qty added to the cart .  If you want multiple entries then please purchase the quantity that you would like. Once all items are sold it will automatically be transitioned to a SOLD OUT status and CLOSED. A drawing will be posted on our FB Group page with the results ASAP.

To see results or to see if you need to claim your winnings please join our Facebook Group Page.

Shop number – 605-787-2141 if you are having any issues. (Customers in shop take priority)
* All ATF & NFA rules apply to the items posted. Individual must pass a NICS background check in accordance all ATF & NFA laws and regulations for serialized items
* If you are not local we will assist with finding a dealer to have your winnings sent to for transfer.
* Shipping of items is covered by ZFG&W
* The Winner has 5 days from the day results are posted to our group page to message the page to claim the winnings and 30 days to pickup the winnings otherwise they are forfeited.




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